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It's finally here!!  My fun, easy to follow "Sugar is the Devil: 7-Day Sugar Detox that is going to help you drop those brownies, cupcakes and cookies along with those stubborn belly inches.… You’re sweet enough already right! --who needs SUGAR?! Addicted to Soft Drinks? This book is your answer!





Sugar is such a crazy addiction that I've personally struggled with my entire life.  Do you struggle too?  Hello, I am a complete chocoholic if you didn't know!  If you’re trying to lose weight, ditch crazy sugar cravings, or just want to be able to have a bite of a sprinkled cupcake without downing the whole box, this 7-Day Sugar Detox has got your name all over......I'll teach you all things SUGAR so you can finally take charge of this addiction too!

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