Nude Shoes

Let's start by saying HAPPY EASTER! As I started to prepare my Easter outfit - I found my favorite shoes staring me in the face. You know the GO TO shoes for every day of the year - and the one's that GO WITH EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT!! Yep - the nude/gold ones - those - you see me in them all the time on Snap Chat so here they are again for easy linking - I'm sure everyone owns Tory Burch Millers by now but if not - maybe you should ask the Easter Bunny for a pair......

Here are my favorites and some other options you might want to add to your shoe collection that are not going to go out of style - you know the one's you might splurge a little bit of money on but they are truly worth the investment in the long haul! Let's start here:

Tory Burch sandals in Gold - as you can tell by my photo - they are a GO TO every year - I have had them for years and they still have plenty of miles left in them - great investment!

Lucky brand booty (toes out) - Mine are last years model (linked here) - AND...I am posting this years similar style here - In Louisiana ... these are a year round must have in my opinion - so comfy and give this lil' short girl some height when I need it! Looks adorable with jeans and a tank in the summer or a sweater in the fall/winter.

Tkees sunscreens - these are my 3rd pair - swear! my GO TO - for easy on - easy off - matching every single thing in my closet - great for beach and poolside too!

.....and here are some other options if these aren't enough.... let me know what your favorite NUDES are! Please share!

Perfect Nude Peep toes under $40

Stacked heel laser cut adorable Bootie under $40

Nude adorable sandals under $20

Gotta have a NUDE WEDGE this summer for under $40