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WISHLIST / Get Ready for Summer 2017

Since I sat down to post my Instagram recap for May Part III....I started making my WISHLIST for all the items i'd like to order. I tend to do most of my shopping online. This is probaly one of the reasons I like to share my scores and finds with you! I do a lot of research before I buy. And I usually find the item or style of something I want before I go looking for the best price from the best company. Who has time anymore to actually go out and shop? I don't! Especially since I live in a small town that the shopping is not that great. The closest mall is an hour away. Well, like most women - I always seem to have a "wish list" in the works. I don't like to wear the same things over and over. I much rather have a fresh up to date look if and when I go out to a social gathering. My everyday look..... well - we know it's pretty much workout clothes (lululemon) considering my career - however, I do like to step up my game and put on some HEAVIER makeup when the opportunity presents itself. Maybe even some "lashes"!

Do you notice now with Social media - especially FaceBook - we try NOT TO WEAR the same thing twice - (i'm not saying I don't repeat my wear - I do) I just know that's the case for me and most of my best friends...sounds crazy I know but let's face it - we don't want to have on the same dress at every event and take the same photos over and over - so if it's not a classic piece - and you find it's a bit more trendy - you should consider consignment shops to resell your items and squeeze a little extra cash out of them to replenish your wardrobe! I don't believe in waste! I do however believe in the ONE - IN - ONE - OUT method. If you buy a new blouse, you should discard (donate or sell) an old one. If you buy new bras, you should get rid of the old ones, know the drill. This one in/one out method works well for me! You should try it!

I will be adding to this list as I add things to my notebook wish list - so be sure you keep checking back. I'll notify you on SnapChat when I add things! wink/wink - Keep scrolling all the way to the bottom to see UPDATED posts (for added goodies we can wish for together)

Ok - so the purpose of this blog post is to share my current wish list for Summer with you. If you have any special items on your list, I'd love to hear about them! You can always reach me via SnapChat at HummerDriver or message me on InstaGram here.

Summer WishList

1. If you are my personal friend or you follow my posts on Social Media - you've probably figured out that for my body type I am drawn to tops like THIS ONE! I am just loving this color right now and this baby is at the very top of my list - so much that I might actually order it as soon as I post this link for you -

just to make sure they don't sell out!

2. This color has just "got me" right now - (yes it is in my color wheel - I am a WARM/SPRING skin tone)......I'm so picky when it comes to light weight sweaters but I wear them often once I find the one's I love. I need them for movie nights - even in the summer because inside the theatre I always freeze my you know what off! So this is number 2 (this sweater) on my list - to have as a cover up (beach must have) or a layering piece for those Friday night movies or GNO! The back detail on this is just adorable for that added touch. It does come in Natural color as well - that might suit some ladies better! Perfect!

4. This top - I swear I could order 3 more and still not have enough. It's so inexpensive and so practical. It will keep you cool on those hot days and you can layer it for a dressier evening look. Great white staple U-neck tee for your wardrobe. You will love this one! I already have it but want more so they make #4 on my list.

5. This amazing BLACK TOP is just the best! I know I have plenty of black tops already but come on - this is one that can be worn dressy or casual and WOW - JUST WOW!! It's adorable -

6. THESE SHOES - I can't decide if I want the Tan, Bronze or Snakeskin! hummmm.....Leaning toward the snake.

7. I don't venture out much with earrings. I typically wear the same ones over and over - I have a large pair similar to THESE but I like this size!

It's an every day hoop - light weight and so elegant!

8. This CLUTCH - this bag! Loving the light background for summer!

9. THIS GYM BAG - it's been on my radar for a year now. Of course I like the large one, shown here. There is also a medium version if you prefer smaller gym bags. I like to bring my lunch and my shoes and notebook in my gym bag - sometimes my laptop, earbuds, makeup bag, for me the larger the better!

10. And here it is - the shift dress I've been wanting but it's always sold out! I'll link it anyway so you can add it to your wishlist too. If you see it restock - please let me know! hugs!


UPDATED - (added some more items) Summer WishList

11. Added 5/20/17 - CAMO blouse.... you know it's hard for me to pass up anything camo print that you can add to denim or black jeans! Loving this little number.

12. Another piece I'm admiring is one you could wear year round - this light weight SWEATER is perfect for traveling - esp on a plane! Luv it!

13. How about this little t-shirt dress - yeah, it's on the list too!

14. This dress, this dress, this dress in black - yes mam - if i could buy one for vacation - this is gonna be the one!

15. Keeps selling out - but i'm going to catch this one eventually! TOP off the shoulder of course!

16. I might be too old for these but they are so cute for summer - even if only at the beach over swimsuit - SHORTS

17. Another lil camo tee i'm in love with here

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