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Instagram RoundUp / July 2017 Part I

Sorry, I've been a little MIA lately on the GlitterU Blogging - as you know this is a hobby - not my full time job like most bloggers. I respect what they do - because it's NOT as easy as it seems!

I hope you were able to follow my family and I on our wonderful vacation to the West Coast (California) - it's time to get back in the routine of things - teach my Barre classes and get the boys ready for school already. Here in the south - we start Beginning of August for High School and Mid August for College - yep - ALREADY! Where in the world did the summer goooooooo??? Flew by too fast!

Follow me on SnapChat at "HummerDriver" and follow me on InstaGram here! Thanks for stopping by!

This Instagram Round Up is not going to be comprehensive - it's just a few of my favorite things I've posted recently that I've gotten messages about - and questions on....

Photo details: these are a couple of beautiful birthday gifts I received this year!

Shoes here and here

Some other favorites you've seen me eating, using & currently wearing (if you follow me on snapchat) but don't have photos /due to the nature of the items/ links can be found here:

Racerback feminine bra option 1 | option 2 (love this so much for workouts and tanks)

My favorite low fat cookie

Boy shorts/hot shorts panties | option 2 here

Backup battery iphone charger (like I used on my Cali trip)

Face SPF 50 (medical grade) - works like a charm! | Body Sunscreen smells delicious HT

Cross Pendant necklace alternative (mine was bought at consignment) -i want this one too! it's gorgeous| Camo Tee

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