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#getUnstuck Facebook group

You can't move a parked car." #GetUnstuck

I read this once, and it was written by a guy who made over 6 figures in 5 months with no email list. #GetUnstuck - i had to borrow this! I know they won't mind!

And what's so interesting, and inspired the quote, when he first got started- he had no clue what was ahead of him 5 months later.

He simply started sharing and teaching what he already knew. #GetUnstuck

He gave and gave and gave without worrying where it was going to take him. #GetUnstuck

He was patient and didn't stress the HOW.

Quickly, he built loyal relationships with customers that continued to buy again and again and again.#GetUnstuck

What are you sitting on right now that you're telling yourself you're not ready for because of whatever your inner voice keeps telling you? #GetUnstuck

Your calling and your purpose in life will start to become more clear, with every single step you continue to make.

But the KEY is- you have to start moving. #GetUnstuck

THAT is how you build momentum- but not until you start.


For years, my life was pretty average. I had NO plan, I had no dreams to pursue. Each passing day was basically a repeat of the day before. Finally, with small baby changes day by day, investing in learning and growing, educating myself on the subjects I'm so passionate about I MADE A DECISION to #getUNSTUCK! I made a change. I began to pursue God like never before, develop a new routine and discovered the power of having a dream and purpose. With consistency and discipline, I'M SEEING MAJOR CHANGES in my life and I felt the need to share these tools with you! I know that my calling is to help others and to encourage/empower WOMEN to #GetUnstuck -

As I started to recognize MY own dreams and goals, I simply wrote them down and reviewed them consistently. This written vision has become a road map to drive MY LIFE. As a result, most of those dreams are now a reality. And I'm not finished yet! NEITHER are you!

I'm so excited to start sharing! I hope that you will interact and give me topics along the way that you'd like help with -

For now the group will be PUBLIC - to make it easier to add friends and family who might want to be a part of this community. I will be changing the group to CLOSED in a couple of weeks.

Please invite your peeps!

The more the merrier! CLICK HERE TO JOIN

xo H

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