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DAY ONE OR ONE DAY? | you cannot miss this round!

WHO is this NEW TONE:N:10 online studio for?

Women who don’t know what work out they should do.. Clueless where to start. Women who don’t have time to work out...

Women who need to establish a daily habit to work out consistently... Women who need an easy to follow workout plan laid out every single morning by 6 AM that literally takes :10 minutes...

Women who have not worked out in a long time or who have never worked out ..... we start at an easy to follow ...beginner level and repeat that level until you build up strength in order to level up... Our LEVEL UP reward program is included in your membership: you earn points that can be redeemed for rewards and prizes Women who want to see results but have plateaued in their current workouts and need to SHAKE things up....

Women who want to workout with someone who is actually certified in fitness and have the personal care to text/DM any questions or special requests in their workouts! Women who want to have fun, enjoy a good laugh during their workout, want to be around good energy. Women who like to keep it REAL while getting major results to get TONE!!!

If you fall into any of these categories or all of the above, I know you’re gonna love this new series TONE:N:10!!!!!!! It’s my baby. My heart, sweat and soul. ----------------------------------------------------------

this is my passion

this is my calling

this is what keeps me excited

this is why i'm so determined and persistent

---------------------------------------------------------- I can’t wait to meet you in the online virtual studio!!! I’m so SUPER excited To HAVE my awesome client from around the globe in Germany joining us today!! SATURDAY workouts are BARRE BURN in :10 minutes!!! Join us!!! Just go to for a $5.99 weekly trial !!!!

Let’s get TONE together. xo H


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♡ BECOME A TONE-BABE by joining the Online Studio and gain ALL ACCESS to everything behind the scenes to help you start making workouts a part of your daily routine in just :10 simple minutes a day. I took all the guess work out for you to make it simple & effective to get TONE in 10 minutes a day. To be entered for the BOOTY BANDS giveaway this month be sure to subscribe and be the most engaged on my YOUTUBE channel and Instagram. Bonus points for leaving a review on my podcast on Itunes!

♡ The TONE Fitness Collection

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