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When I coach a client into a HUGE transformation - it's about YOU, it's about THEM..... it has nothing to do with ME. It's ALL about YOU making a decision to commit to change!!!

Being able to say YES OR NO is an important skill that a lot of humans don't know how to actually do.

A pattern of indecision and doubt, not trusting yourself to make a decision is a pattern we need to break.

If you allow me to coach you in your transformation journey, it's about standing in the belief of where you'll be in 6 months from now -

It's never about me convincing you to do something - I'm good if you join or not...... THIS IS WHERE MOST GET IT WRONG - I'm here to HELP YOU - IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU.

It's about where YOU WILL BE if you make the decision to start change today - that's the BREAK-THROUGH - and then I hold your hand to help you MAP OUT A CLEAR PATH.

A consultation gives you the clarity to BREAK-THROUGH to make a decision -

It's my job to lead you into a decision - I help walk you through the process......

I used to let my clients go figure it out on there own and come to my coaching when they felt ready for it...... if they ever turned a corner to actually believe that they were worthy of something more, of change......

My place and position is to HELP YOU BREAK THROUGH where you are stuck - be it a yes or a no - STOP FEELING stuck and not believing enough in yourself to be able to make change happen.

So the next time, you feel the nudge to hop on a call with me and then you have that thought of "I need to think about it"..... read this again.

Change doesn't happen unless you make change happen! You are in control of your decisions. Now have the power to make one!

I'd love to be your Coach if we make a good fit!

Have a blessed and productive weekend! Keep moving!

xo, Heather




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