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What if I fail?

What if I set a goal and I fail?😝 ⠀⠀ Pfffffff I failed a ton. Duh.

This is a question on Repeat in my inbox all the time.

Actually I had 2 people email me this morning to tell me they were afraid to start their own blog, move forward with a dream, and new biz direction & their health and fitness journey because of fear!! 😳⠀ ⠀⠀ WE need to HAVE A LITTLE “TRUTH” TALK!! ⠀⠀ If this is you ...... I have so much to tell you!!

Be sure you are subscribed HERE to the “GlitterU” blog because I’m answering all these questions quite often - just to remind you what a wonderful person you are and that it's OK to fail. It's actually where we learn and grow is thru failing. Failing pushes us forward and that's where we want to go.

So instead of being afraid of failing, be afraid of NOT TRYING!

Be afraid of what could be if you flip the script and look at failure as success and as a learning opportunity.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to get ONE OF the last spots in my new coach mentorship group? LAST SPOT - I WANT ONE OF THEM!

Slide into my messages to chat about the sign up options and start your journey to changing your life!

You are soooo worth it! (KEEP READING BELOW FOR MORE INFO)

Here are some details:

First, what you’ll learn from me:

- How I went about building my online coaching business by committing to a cause I am truly passionate about

- How I’ve grown my social media network to close to 25,000 people by focusing on adding value to people’s lives every single day

- The routine & habits that have shaped my health & fitness

- A full education on the resources that have helped me become a coach to thousands of people across THE USA

What you could expect to gain:

- Unlike a traditional internship, you will earn a paycheck by acting out your purpose, at first, anywhere from $100/week to $500/week; with steady growth over the following months.

- You will learn habits, strategies & routines that will help you lead a healthy & fulfilling life.

- You will be introduced to a group of likeminded, ambitious, health conscious and supportive people!

These spots will fill quickly as I am keeping it to ONLY 15. 5 Spots Left !!!

If you want to apply please send an email to

OR fill out the COACH application BELOW!

I also will be calling each of the chosen applicants personally in the coming that's your chance to chat with me face to face via video call and get to know me better - or we can do this on the phone or email - up to you.

Please note, this is only open to those not already on a team, and who are not already coaches, thank you!

And right now this is only for US, UK & Canada.

Spots WILL be limited and chosen through an application process. I am so Looking forward to hearing from you !!

xx, Heather


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